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We now have the THERA-CLEAN® Microbubble technology in our Salon. This machine is a sought after machine that has made positive changes to pets skin. 

Thera-Clean® Microbubble Technology: BECAUSE CLEAN SKIN IS HEALTHY SKIN™



The Thera-Clean® Microbubble System gently removes trapped dirt, bacteria, yeast — and even allergens — to reduce odor and itching and dramatically improve therapeutic results without soaps, chemicals or abrasives.

Thera-Clean® means truly clean. Our microbubbles go to a deeper level than ever before possible, enabling the deepest possible cleaning that chronic skin conditions need before they can heal.


DEEP NATURAL CLEAN It doesn't get more natural than just water. We are cleaning to a NEW level that no one has seen or reached before with nothing but water and bubbles. This may sound impossible, but these are THERA-CLEAN® Microbubble technology that systems out there simply can't do. 

REDUCES ODOR Most bad odor that come from pets are a sign of skin issues deep down within the pores and hair follicles. The Advanced Skin Health System by THERA-CLEAN® now makes it possible to clean out all the irritants that cause bad odor.

REDUCES ITCHING & SCRATCHING Constant itching and biting can lead to increased problems. With clean & healthier skin, the itching and biting diminishes and so does the risk of secondary infections.

REDUCES SHEDDING The cleaner the skin & hair, the healthier it is. Healthy hair is stronger hair, in turn, holding onto the skin for that much longer. It's a cycle that all starts with the skin. 

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY The future of our environment is extremely important. A THERA-CLEAN® bath uses no chemicals what-so-ever. Only a plant and mineral based enzyme is used to assist the billions of micro bubble lift the debris up from your pets skin and pores. 

REDUCES STRESS & ANXIETY Daily stress and anxiety for a pet can be harmful. A THERA-CLEAN® bath relaxes both dogs and cats to a level similar to a deep tissue massage as the micro bubbles clean their bodies. 

COMPLETELY HYPO-ALLERGENIC It is impossible to have an allergic reaction to a THERA-CLEAN® bath. Why? Because its just water. 

NO ADDITIONAL SKIN IRRITATION A THERA-CLEAN® bath does not require direct contact with already sensitive skin ( aside from warm bubble infused water). There are no detergents or chemicals involved and no risk of additional reactions. 

IMPROVES THERAPEUTIC RESULTS Whether it's medicated shampoo or a prescription from a veterinarian, the THERA-CLEAN® bath cleans and cleans the pores dramatically. It helps prepare your pet to respond more effectively to other protocols and enhances the efficiency of conventional medicines 

SPA DAY Your pet doesn't have to have a skin issue to take advantage of a THERA-CLEAN® bath. Your pet may look good but there's only one way to be sure there's no bad bacteria, that causes skin issues, going deep down inside the skin. So reward your pet with a day at the spa with nice relaxing THERA-CLEAN® bath all the while assuring yourself their skin is clear of dirt, debris, and bacteria. 

GOT DRY SKIN? Does your little fur baby have dry skin? Ask for Moisture Plus to be added to your THERA-CLEAN® bath. It will give your pet the much needed moisture boost inside their pores replenishing essential oils the skin needs. 

Make the difference in your pet skin health today...... because CLEAN skin is HEALTHY skin.


While the Microbubble bath is very effective. We have this option because sometimes you don't need any scoops of Serenity, Essence, Pure, & Moisture Plus.


PURE – (White) Deep cleans skin. Reduces inflammation or infected skin for animals with allergies. Pure scoops added to the Microbubble bath.


Supreme has all the above products in form of scoops added to the bath. 


This we are afraid is a very reasonable concern. The answer is yes, but these are very innovative bubbles. All of the science and development has been conducted by the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and the future applications of the technology would seem limitless.


As explained elsewhere, microbubbles penetrate deep into hair follicles and pores and through a combination of sonic energy and ionic charge remove oils and dirt. In general, the effectiveness of micro-bubble technology is determined by the number and the size of the bubbles produced. If bubbles are too large, they simply rise to the surface and rupture, and if they are too small, they are ineffective. Thera-Clean® has spent many years developing a unit that generates an extremely high concentration of optimally sized bubbles, generally between 3 and 20 microns. By simply sitting in a tub of water full of microbubbles or “hosing” microbubble laden water onto the skin, oils, dirt and even allergens are removed. A thorough cleansing takes approximately fifteen minutes. There is technically no need to even rub the skin; a wonderful advantage when skin is inflamed.


Of course, this depends on specific skin condition but in terms of safety and skin condition, daily use would not be harmful. That stated, bi-monthly treatments would really benefit animals with skin and odor concerns, while monthly “routine” use will keep most dogs looking and feeling great.



SERENITY – (Blue Green) Deep cleans skin. Reduces stress and anxiety. Serenity scoop added to the Microbubble bath. 


ESSENCE – (Orange) Deep cleans skin. Removes unpleasant odors. Essence scoops added to the Microbubble bath. 


The Whole Sha-bang is all three enzymes plus Moisture Plus. 


Microbubbles work on a much deeper level than any soaps or shampoos. They offer a whole new concept of clean skin. What this means is that microbubble therapy will enhance the efficacy of any other form of “treatment”. Any useful medications whether administered in the form of a shampoo or orally will function much better due to improved pore and hair follicle condition. This is why the unit is being used so extensively in veterinary hospitals in Japan. Microbubble cleansing is unique. It is easy to recognize that clean pores and hair follicles improve skin health. Each skin type and condition will benefit from varying cleansing protocols.


The science behind microbubbles revolutionizes skin cleansing. It is difficult to appreciate new developments in any field until they become common-place, but advancements are everywhere. Micro-bubble technology is a major advancement in skin care for pets and people. Due to their size and ionic charge, microbubbles can deep clean skin, hair follicles and pores without the aid of surfactants, detergents or soap. This provides a totally “new clean” that must be experienced to be appreciated. Furthermore, there is no risk of skin sensitivity or allergic reaction.


Thera-Clean® has developed a proprietary all-natural enzyme powder suitable for use with our microbubble unit. These enzymes, extracted from plants and minerals, enhance the removal of flakey skin and oils. The enzymes loosen the debris and the microbubbles carry the remnants away. While not essential, the enzymes are totally safe and can be ingested used on eyes and ears and are totally non-irritating. While extremely useful for diseased skin, several years of use in primarily veterinary hospitals has led to far more widespread application in grooming salons.

New clients often ask about the proprietary Toji Enzyme and Mineral bath salt additives that help skin get cleaner quicker in the very first bath while reducing inflammation.

The enzymes are catabolizers, which means they consume organic material. The enzymes first soften sebum crust, and then eat away at it, allowing the Microbubbles to lift the remainder of crust off more quickly.

Enzymes also aid in breaking down proteins and fats, as well as acting as a catalyst to make all the other ingredients work together more effectively. 

Some of the minerals – such as borax — have anti-inflammatory properties that provide immediate relief for pets with inflamed skin. After the first bath, red skin softens to pink and swelling subsides.

How minerals in Toji bring multiple benefits to a Thera-Clean® Microbubble bath.


In additional to acting as an anti-inflammatory, borax also:

  • Provides a natural essential nutrient

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Has an antimicrobial compound and works as a fungicidal and dextoxifying agent


Sodium hydrogen carbonate softens debris on the skin
 and absorbs odor. 
It also:

  • Breaks down fat on the skin

  • Works as a mild antiseptic for skin and removes stains

  • Neutralizes acidity, which supports healing from burns


Sodium sulfate dissolves oil on skin, activates tissue repair and prevents heat rash and cracks in the skin.

The addition of the all natural enzymes and minerals are an essential part in getting that skin cleaner faster, deeper, quicker, and reducing inflammation.

Thera-Clean offers 3 different types of enzyme and mineral bath additives. Each one has specialized properties to support cleaning and healing skin conditions.


SERENITY – (Blue Green) Deep cleans skin. Reduces stress and anxiety.


PURE – (White) Deep cleans skin. Reduces inflammation or infected skin for animals with allergies.


ESSENCE – (Orange) Deep cleans skin. Removes unpleasant odors.

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