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Dry Brush Bar

Shaggy Chic Pet Grooming Is Now Offering A Dry Brush And Blow-Dry


We will be offering a stress free way to keep you doodle hybrid Matt-free! I have heard, seen and experienced the dreaded shave-down because the visits are spaced out way too long. Now, you can have your dog maintained between regular 


To attain this maintenance, you must have had your dog groomed with-in the

last one to two weeks and follow up with-in one to two weeks until your next

scheduled grooming. These sessions must be scheduled upon leaving the salon.

If you cancel or reschedule your next visit. You will fall out of the maintenance 

cycle and will not be able to schedule another date. 

This is a maintenance structure to avoid matts. We will take care of your pets coat and keep your dog maintained while you can enjoy none stress lifestyle.


We will also offer this maintenance schedule for other dogs that are highly susceptible to matting in-between grooming.  


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Spray-On Shampoo & Conditioner 

Your pet will be sprayed with our high quality waterless shampoo. We will work in the shampoo. Then brush and comb. Your pet will be sprayed with a leave-in conditioner. We will work in the conditioner. Then brush and comb

      Blow-dry,Brush & Comb

Your pets coat is ready for blow-dry and then brush and comb. Your pets coat will be clean, fluffy, and hydrated.  


This blow & dry maintenance will include a sanitary trim, shaving paw-pads, ear cleaning, and nails. 

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