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New clients often ask about the proprietary Toji Enzyme and Mineral bath salt additives that help skin get cleaner quicker in the very first bath while reducing inflammation.

The enzymes are catabolizers, which means they consume organic material. The enzymes first soften sebum crust, and then eat away at it, allowing the Microbubbles to lift the remainder of crust off more quickly.

Enzymes also aid in breaking down proteins and fats, as well as acting as a catalyst to make all the other ingredients work together more effectively. 

Some of the minerals – such as borax — have anti-inflammatory properties that provide immediate relief for pets with inflamed skin. After the first bath, red skin softens to pink and swelling subsides.

How minerals in Toji bring multiple benefits to a Thera-Clean® Microbubble bath.


In additional to acting as an anti-inflammatory, borax also:

  • Provides a natural essential nutrient

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Has an antimicrobial compound and works as a fungicidal and dextoxifying agent


Sodium hydrogen carbonate softens debris on the skin
 and absorbs odor. 
It also:

  • Breaks down fat on the skin

  • Works as a mild antiseptic for skin and removes stains

  • Neutralizes acidity, which supports healing from burns


Sodium sulfate dissolves oil on skin, activates tissue repair and prevents heat rash and cracks in the skin.

The addition of the all natural enzymes and minerals are an essential part in getting that skin cleaner faster, deeper, quicker, and reducing inflammation.

Thera-Clean offers 3 different types of enzyme and mineral bath additives. Each one has specialized properties to support cleaning and healing skin conditions.


SERENITY – (Blue Green) Deep cleans skin. Reduces stress and anxiety.


PURE – (White) Deep cleans skin. Reduces inflammation or infected skin for animals with allergies.


ESSENCE – (Orange) Deep cleans skin. Removes unpleasant odors.

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