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Proof that Terri F. posting a FAKE Yelp review. CLICK HERE to see her dishonest post. Terry is stating that Bear was cut after grooming him  This video is here because of Terri F. saying horrible things about my staff, salon, and me. You will also see below how she is trying to blackmail me into admitting that I cut her dog. 


This video is uploaded to have visual and audio proof that Terri F. is lying and has no shame to write false accusations.I am always truthful and if and when something does occur, I address it before the client leaves with their pet.  More videos are to come. 

Terri F. is trying to publicly shame me and defame and slander to my good reputation  to falsely accuse me when we are very carful and take 

Groomers BEWARE!!! It's not worth it. Steer away from this lady. 

As you can see on our Yelp, We have stellar reviews. 


This is the very beginning of this thread that Terri requested an appointment. She had called on the 9/11 for the appointment. This was our first available.


Take note that three days have passed. Terri did not call on the same day. If her dog was nicked, which is not the case because we use guard combs to protect a sensitive area. Now keep in mind that I will share what the vet told me at the very end of this thread. Also, I will share key points in the photo Terri shared with me.  


We were closed on Sunday and Monday. 

At this point we're back at the Salon from the weekend. I asked Terri to send me pictures. She didn't send the initial pictures that I asked for. 


Five days have passed now. There was a telephone conversation in-between these texts. I asked Terri to send me pictures of the cuts and to take to the vet. She didn't send me pictures, nor has she taken Bear to the Vet. 

Now on the sixth day! Terri sends me this. Her daughter will be finally be taking her dog to the vet. Now, I have been asking for pictures for six days now. 


I am still asking for pictures of the cut that she supposedly is addressing that with cut Bear

Eight days have passed and she sends me this. I am not a licensed Veterinarian neither is her daughter or Terri. If you look closely you can see hair all over the penis area. We always use a guard comb in sensitive areas such as the penis and anal areas. All of the hair in that area will show that using the guard comb does not cut to the skin. There is hair that you can plainly see that these bumps of some sort is caused by something else. 

Now keep in mind that she still hasn't taken Bear to the vet. Which I was concerned from the very beginning. 


While eight days have passed and no picture of the cuts. It had me a bit concerned. You can see below that Bear was seen on the 25th of September. The text was sent on the 29th. As you can read. Terri said that the vet was APPALLED! Furthermore, found cuts on Bears arms and said not to go back. 

You can see that I have followed up and kept in close contact to see how Bear was doing. 

Stay tuned because I talked to the vet today ( 10/08/20 You will see how this all unfolds. 


Here is the invoice. I have blotted and omitted the identity and confidentiality. 


Now, my further concern was, why wasn't there any diagnosis and description as to what caused the infection. So I asked Terri if there was a page missing. I did notice at the bottom of the page is did say 1 of 1 


Terri responded with this. 


At this point stated what I saw and you can see in the picture above. With my experience I just didn't believe what was brought forth. So I am asking if Terri can give me some time to contact the vet and give me some time.


Terri is diagnosing and accusing me of cutting her daughters dog. She is stating that he has been suffering and licking since. I pleaded with her to take Bear to the Vet since day one. Terri and her daughter tried to be the Vet. But something still wasn't right. 


I will just let you read the text.


Again, we are closed on Sundays and Mondays

As you can see in the thread, Terri doesn't want me to talk with the Vet. She just keeps on asking for the refund of the grooming and vet bill. 


She is persistent. But she doesn't want me to talk with the Vet. She wants her money back for the grooming and and tips. Along with the Vet bill. 


I haven't talked with the Vet as of yet. The Vet is busy, I am definitely busy with grooming dogs and running the Salon. So, it took some time for us to actually talk over the phone. Conversation below. 


Now, after asking Terri to patiently wait till I speak with the Vet, I find that Terri placed a one star review on Yelp. 

Today, I finally spoke with Eliana G. DVM it has taken some time to finally talk. She is busy and I am as well. We finally had a chance to talk to discuss what happened during the visit with Bear and Molly, Terri' daughter in Torrance, CA.

Eliana the Vet, stated to me that Bear did have an infection but did not see any cuts anywhere on the body. Eliana was not appalled as stated by Terri F. Eliana said to me that the Molly said the Bear constantly licks himself in the penal area. Molly asked that if this could have be caused by grooming. Eliana said "no". Eliana told me specifically that she did not see any cuts or abrasions. Eliana, also said to me about being appalled. Eliana looked over Bear and said to Molly that this infection would be cured by placing a cone and applying Neosporin on the affected area. Eliana made it clear to me that the infection was not due to grooming and that she told Molly that. 

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