You may be thinking what's included with my pets bath and brush-out grooming.


In this illustration below you will see the inner letters coded in blue; is the process of bathing your pets. The outer letters are coded in black and shows the process of the finished bath & brush grooming.

Starting with bathing, it is very important because every dog is different. Dogs have different skin types along with different hair types. This is why The Shaggy Chic Pet Grooming Services has the very best professional shampoos to accommodate your pets needs. We believe that using one or two shampoos on every clients dog may not be appropriate for every dog.

As you can see in the blue our staff bathes your pet with care and professionalism. Our process is thorough and efficient. You can be confident that your pets will undergo an enjoyable grooming treatment from beginning to end.  

Hover with your mouse or touch the screen over the dog above

The bath & brush out grooming keeps your pet clean and free from tangles, and matting when brought in regularly. Your pet will be bathed, blow dried, brushed, and combed out. This grooming is great for maintenance so that your pet doesn't get too matted and avoids a complete shave down. There are certain dog breeds that require high maintenance.  

If you choose a light trim grooming for your pet all of the bath & brush-out process will be included. With the light trim our groomers will use shears to outline and give your pets defining lines and take off a minimal amount of hair but just enough to notice that your dog has been groomed.


The full hair cut grooming takes off length over the entire body of the dog. The length depends on how much you want us to take off. To accomplish the full hair cut, we use clippers and finish hand scissoring with shears. 

If this will be your first visit, our groomers will be precise in asking you questions on how much length you want taken off if you choose a full hair cut.  

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