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Shaggy Chic Pet Grooming Is No Longer Affiliated With The Boutique.

We have had a number of calls and inquiries these last couple of weeks if we are affiliated with the boutique any longer. I felt it was important to acknowledge and address the fact that the Shaggy Chic has divided into two separate organizations. I want to inform you that The shaggy Chic Pet Grooming was going to close down as of March 31 2018. I was working at another grooming salon and worked at the Shaggy Chic part time. When l found out that the prior owner was going to close the salon down. My wife and I quickly made the decision to buy the salon and keep the doors open. The months I worked there as an employee. I met the clients and their pets. We had to do what ever it took to keep the doors open for the Oak Park and surrounding neighborhoods. During the process of the sale, many of our clients noticed a change and asked what is going on. We explained why the change with In the salon. Since the close of escrow, we are strictly grooming salon and the prior owner still owns the boutique side. Although, I kept the name, we are separate entities sharing the same name. We are The Shaggy Chic Pet Grooming Services and the boutique still has the original name.

Since the sale of the business I have made some positive changes to enhance the salon. Many more are coming. I wanted to bring forth a better grooming salon and experience to the existing client base as well as new clients. We have had such a positive welcoming from all our clients existing and new. Below is our Mission Statement.

Mission Statement

Our mission is continued recognition for the passion of our employees who provide quality, innovative services to the clients and their pets we serve in our community. Our focus is on excellent customer service and quality of services.

The Shaggy Chic Pet Services LLC. is dedicated to setting a standard of excellence in the pet care industry by caring for our client’s individual needs with consideration, safety, and love. We will always develop a team of dedicated employees, encouraging creativity and enthusiasm, and rewarding innovation and productivity.

The Shaggy Chic Pet Services LLC. promises to deliver the best products, equipment, and customer service to our guest and their four legged companions. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and guarantee we will always give you service with a smile.

The Shaggy Chic Pet Services LLC. seeks to offer a comfortable and clean atmosphere for all clients pets. A clean facility and highly trained professional staff enables us to give a one of a kind one on one dog bathing & grooming experience.

The Shaggy Chic Pet Services LLC. is proud to provide a unique services with quick turn around service to our clients and looks forward to many more years of success in the Oak Park community. With our goal of keeping our customer service and safety a priority, we have been able to develop a successful, fun, and unique pet care facility for our clients.

In closing, we at The Shaggy Chic family are happy to serve you. You are important to us and appreciate your business and referrals.

Owner - Steve Venegas

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