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The Shaggy Chic Pet Grooming Salon Is In The Clouds.

We are thrilled to share with you, that your

information is SECURE and in the CLOUD.

Our Online booking system that we now offer you; with all your personal information is safe. I wanted to bring an efficient and easy way for us and you, to utilize the benefits of a grooming system. This will make us more efficient throughout the day. Spending less time with paperwork and phone calls, the more time we can spend on your pet(s). We are a very busy pet grooming salon and minutes count throughout the day. I believe in working smarter not harder. I also believe systems create successful business. On behalf of our grooming team and staff we are all super excited for you to use the online portal. Our clients are starting to use the Online booking request feature. You are always welcome to call us to make your grooming appointment too.

Our new online system will allow you to have your very own back office platform where you can create your very own login and password. Create a profile for you as well as have one for each of your pet(s). Once you create an Online account you can type in all the necessary information in the fields. You will be able to upload pictures too.

We want to know you and your pet(s). Things can change and if something changed in between your last grooming. You can login to your back office and update us with any pertinent information that we need to know before taking in your dog(s).

When you walk into our salon, you will see that we have iPads at the counter that we use to check you in and out on the day of your pets appointment. We even have points of contact at each of our grooming stations. Our system reminds you of your dogs grooming appointment the day prior. It also calls or sends you a text that your pet is ready for pick up. We have the system contact you about 10 minutes before your pet(s) are ready. When you arrive your pet(s) may be up on the table with your groomer finishing up the grooming and adding those finishing touches. If you show up a bit later, they will be waiting for your in our salons holding tanks.

This is another step towards having a smooth running salon. We hope you like our online pet grooming system and use it to the fullest. I know you will like using it as much as we do.

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