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Our 100% Cute Cut Guarantee!

Our 100% Cute Cut Guarantee!

If your dog gets a “bad haircut” at any other groomer, we’ll fix it completely free. Just call us to bring in your dog within 7 days of the original grooming.

The Shaggy Chic Pet Grooming believes in quality over quantity. This is why we can offer such a guarantee. Things happen and we understand this. If you feel that your unhappy with your current grooming shop, you can always bring in your pet for free grooming so that you are 100% satisfied. You can bring in your pet for a re-groom on your pet to your expectations. You will not find this to be offered in other grooming shops. We take pride in our work and this is why we offer this guarantee. We want you to be happy with your grooming experience. So if you have experienced a "bad haircut" bring your pet to us and will fix it.

Simply, call us to schedule an appointment. You must bring in you receipt from your grooming within 7 days. We will consult with you on what corrections you want on your pet. The corrections have to be valid and our groomers will asses the grooming done to your pet. We will also give advise on what can be done to your pet when brought in to the Shaggy Chic Pet Grooming.

Taking your pet to a new groomer can be sometimes frustrating. We will make every effort to make you happy.

Listed below are some examples of why you bring your pet for a Cute Cut Guarantee.

✔ My pets hair cut is uneven

✔ My pets face trim is not even on face or body

✔ My pet was not cleaned properly it felt oily or smelled bad

✔ My pet coat still had knots & tangles

✔ My pet was not properly groomed to breed cut standards

Our grooming standard are exceptional and have a combine experience of over 15 years. You can have peace of mind knowing that we will make it right. We build relationship with our clients and pets. Visit our website or call us today for a consultation.

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