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We Are Working On Apple Maps Search

It was brought to our attention today that the Shaggy Chic search bar on Apple Maps is out of date with the wrong information. I certainly apologize about this inconvenience. This may have caused and or misinformed our potential clients of wrong information. I have requested the information to be updated. This may take some time for the changes to take effect. The things I noticed was that the address, hours, days of operation and website address needed needed to be updated. This oversight was because I wasn't privy to Apple Maps indexing on Apple product search through their product line. I can assure you that this will be rectified and hopefully be updated soon. I will stay diligent and will update you with the changes and when they take effect.

You asked and we listened, and The Shaggy Chic Pet Grooming is now live and up to date on Apple Maps. Apple contacted me the very next day and made the necessary changes for all IOS users.

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